​​​Lace Rosette Floral Workshop makes your imagination come true!

Here at Lace Rosette Floral Workshop, we want you to know just how easy it is to make your dreams come true with your own hands in our classes!  
Our classes are conducted by an A.P.F. (Ange Preserved Flower-Design Association), L'ecrin Flower Association , C.A.P.F. (China Art Pressed Flowers Association) certified instructor and D.F.A. (Dutch Florist Association) diploma holder, who is ready to share the passion and knowledge to help you create a state-of-the-art D.I.Y. product from processed real flowers, while explore your imagination at the same time! 

Lace Rosette Floral Workshop bears the desire to create and to teach different types of elegant handicraft arrangements from processed real flowers through our courses! 

That’s right – ALL our art pieces are D.I.Y. handcrafted.  And we intend on staying that way.

Lace Rosette Floral Workshop - 一間以教授全手工創作為理念的花藝工作坊

我們主要教授保鮮花丶麗乾花、壓花、Sospeso Trasparente、Sola Flower及拼貼工藝。作品別具特色,擁有變化多端的設計。所有課程均由已經領取該花藝證書的導師主理,必定能帶給你無限的樂趣和創作空間!

A.P.F. Certified Instructor

We stand behind our guarantee that all of our handcrafted D.I.Y. art pieces will meet your standards. You will enjoy the time to create your ideal art piece at Lace Rosette Floral Workshop!

Lace Rosette Floral Workshop已經和義大利的Sospeso Trasparente及波蘭的ITD Collection成為合作夥伴,作為香港的正式授權分銷點。

Lace Rosette Floral Workshop proudly announces that we have established partnerships with Sospeso Trasparente (Italy) and ITD Collection (Poland) and is an official distributor of their respective products in Hong Kong.

資訊 Information on our partners:
Sospeso Trasparente: www.sospesotrasparente.it

ITD Collection: www.itdcollection.com

Our Workshop and Instructor